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(Manorguard Son of Adam x Jocolda Gucci)


Born: 11th October 1999 - Died: 26th September 2008

Georgia is indeed a lucky girl. In her litter, we only planned to keep a male out of the 3 dogs and 5 bitches in this litter - he being Robbie - Jocolda Red or Dead.

Everyone who came to choose their puppy had the choice of the bitches. Georgia was the last bitch left in this litter and was not booked by a puppy buyer. At the Leonberger club show, Georgia came along to the show with her brother Robbie, and was entered also for competition. As Kerry had never handled a dog before, and Robbie was in the ring at the same time with Joan when Georgia was due to go in the ring, we had no option but let Kerry take her into the class. From a very strong class, Georgia came 4th, and from this day, we have never looked back. We would like to thank all those who have supported Kerry & Georgia over the years.

Georgia won numerous awards before CCs came available for the breed, including, Best of Breeds, Reserve Best of Breeds, etc etc.

From having a litter of pups in 2001 at the age of 2, Georgia returned to the ring and blossomed, winning the following awards:

1st CC - Crufts 2003 - Mr M J Feehan
2nd CC with Best of Breed - Crufts 2004 - Mrs J Connor
3rd CC with Best of Breed - LKA 2004 - Mrs J Davie
4th CC Birmingham National 2008 – Mr Geoff Duffield
Best In Show - Leonberger Club of Great Britain 2003
  Thank you Mrs M Lusby & Mrs C Lear Schofield
Reserve Best in Show - Leonberger Club of Great Britain 2004
  Thank you Mr J Luscott & Mrs P Smith
Pedigree Champion Stakes Heat Winner - Midland Counties 2005

ALWAYS Owned & Handled by Kerry.

GeorgiaIn 2006, we decided to have a last litter from Georgia, mated to Zsareef Commandeer, Georgia had just ONE puppy, yes, ONE puppy, he was named Leosrus Burj Al Arab from Jocolda. Owned by Jill & John Anderson.

Georgia returned to the ring in July 2007 at National Working & Pastoral Breeds, and won the Reserve Bitch CC under Helen Davenport-Willis. She later took part in the Veteran Stakes and came third under top all rounder, Mr Frank Kane. The week later at East of England, Georgia won Best of Breed under top all rounder Mr Stuart Mallard.

In 2008 at Birmingham National, a fabulous entry of Leonbergers was given for judge Mr Geoff Duffield, Georgia at the age of 8 ½ years old, wins the Open Bitch Class, beating some young upcoming Champions and then the BITCH CC – her 4th! She became the eldest CC winning Leonberger in the UK and currently still holds this record, as of May 2010.

On September 26th 2008, we were saddened and shocked to find Georgia dead in her kennel. She had not suffered with any pain or suffering, she left us in the kindest way. The evening before she was put to bed with a biscuit as all our dogs do, and we patted her on the head to wish her goodnight only to find that the next morning, she would not wake up from her sleep.

She leaves our world as the eldest CC winning Leonberger to date in the UK, aged 8 ½ years.

In tribute to Georgia, Kerry writes:

For all that I have achieved in showing Leonbergers, nothing will touch my life like how Georgia and her success did. She was never a bother, only a winner in her own right, and for that, I am so grateful for all the great times we had together. She was my best friend.. and will always be in my heart!
- Things in this world are easily replaceable, Georgia will always be ‘in my eyes’.. irreplaceable!
Goodbye my girl…You are always loved!  

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