About Us - Dave & Joan Rushby (JOCOLDA) & Daughter, Kerry Rushby (LEOSRUS)

We are Dave & Joan Rushby, we met each other in 1971, and married in 1975. We live in Glossop Derbyshire , Glossop is a busy bustling former mill town just outside the national park boundaries set in a valley in the north western corner of the peak district, we are surrounded by open moorland.

As Joan already had GSDs, we started then, to show and breed. In 1976 we purchased our first Rottweiler, and continued with both breeds. Our Son Gareth was born in 1980, and shortly after, we were introduced to the Akita. Our Daughter Kerry was born in 1986, and both our children, accompanied us to the shows (as many of you will recall).

It was due to our involvement in Akitas around 1987, that we met John Feehan (Manorguard) and we was introduced to the Leonberger. Our first Leonberger, Fudge - Manorguard Away We Go To Jocolda, arrived in 1992.

As our children grew up, Gareth stepped away from involvement in the showing side of dogs (although he still helps care for the dogs left at home when we are away) and he has since become married to Natalie, and they have three children together, Callum, Joshua & Ellie, they share their home with their pet Leonberger, Pawell (Mountain Hawk Zielona Cieszynianka IMP Poland)

In 2000, our Daughter Kerry started to show, and made her first dog into a Champion - Ch Jocolda Georgio. Kerry is the youngest person in the breed to win a CC - to date, and her dog Georgia, is the first leonberger and only bitch in the breed, to take 2 CCs at Crufts, one with BOB in 2004.

Sadly we lost Georgia in September 2008, shortly after winning her fourth CC - herself taking the record of being the eldest CC winning Leonberger to date. Until now (August 2015) Georgia remains the eldest winning CC winning dog (UK)

We are now 30 + yrs of showing and breeding dogs which we have enjoyed and still enjoy we have had some wonderful times and many a sad time, but through it all we have met many people who share our same interests and we have made many lovely friends along the way. As much as the dogs are very important to us, our children come first and foremost always.

We are grateful to all those we have been involved with and extremly grateful to all the judges who have thought so highly of all our dogs.

Our aim has always been to produce quality sound healthy puppies of true breed type and all our stock has been or will be health screened before any breeding is undertaken.

The Jocolda affix is owned by Dave & Joan and was registered in 1981 with the Kennel Club.
The Leosrus (Leos Are Us) affix is owned solely by Kerry, this affix was registered in 2004 also with Kennel Club.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our long awaited, and demanded website.

- Dave, Joan & Kerry Rushby